Zillion's debut-album "Zillion"
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1. You And Me

Music S.G. Lyrics S.G. & M. T. - 3:28

2. This Day Is Gone
Music and Lyrics S.G. - 3:57

3. Dirty Little Secret
Music S.G. Lyrics M. T. - 2:46

4. Never Down
Music and Lyrics S.G. - 3:00

5. Kryptonite
Music S.G. Lyrics M. T. - 3:29

6. The Smile
Music S.G. & J.B. Lyrics S.G. - 3:15

7. Wonder Why
Music and Lyrics S.G. - 3:19

8. Take it away
Music S.G. & J.B. Lyrics S.G. - 4:26

9. Day Or Night
Music and Lyrics S.G. - 4:02

10. The Hose
Music and Lyrics S.G. - 3:40

11. Say Goodbye
Music S.G. & J.B. Lyrics M. T. - 3:36

produced and engineered by Sandro Giampietro
recorded, mixed and mastered by sandro giampietro at auetalstudios, Germany

listen to mp3 here

Never Down - unplugged
Music and Lyrics S.G. - 2:31
zillion, giampietro, becker, terrana

NOW online:
Sandros and Jens' new Metalband
STARCHILD on starchildband.com
and on youtube with their first Video:

and a preview feat. Helge Schneider/Organ:

frontiers' artist bio:

Zillion is a newcomer band in hard rock music with some heavyweights of the german and international music scene.

Guitar player and singer of the band is Sandro Giampietro. Sandro is best known as guitar player for the band SUPARED featuring former Helloween lead singer Michael Kiske. The German magazine Hammer rated him as “one of the top guitar players in Germany”. He is also been working with such national artists as Ian Cussik, Helge Schneider and others and has been doing workshop for Marshall and Yamaha music.

Bass player is Jens Becker a well known face in the German heavy metal and hard rock scene. He is currently the bass player in the metal superstar band Grave Digger and he has also worked in the past with Running Wild and Kingdom Come.

On drums, Mike Terrana is the guarantee of a thunderous and technical drumming ! Currently drummer for Rage, Mike is one of the most respected drummers in the hard rock world boasting collaborations with Artension, Axel Rudi Pell, Yngwie Malmsteen and countless others.

Zillion is the result of a strong collaboration between such talented musicians. With a pretty original sound which melts influences from classic and melodic hard rock and classic heavy metal music, Zillion plan to be very soon a force to be reckoned with in the music scene !







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Zillion Debut Album "Zillion" Release Dates:

21. July. 2004 Japan
22. July. 2004 Europe